• CDN alias: customer
  • Object: apicart.customer

This component wraps all the functionality related to the customer.

How to sign customer in/out


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  • Object: apicart.customer.manager

The manager takes care of every interaction related to the customer such as creating, storing, deleting, etc.

createNewCustomer(bool $forceSave): customer.manager

createNewCustomer(); // Creates new customer
createNewCustomer(true); // Creates new customer, overrides existing customer

finish(): void

finish(); // Synchronizes customer via API. If customer is not signed in, creates a new one

getCustomer(): object

getCustomer(); // Returns customer object

removeCustomer(): customer.manager

removeCustomer(); // Removes customer

save(object $customer, string $synchronizationQuery, string $synchronizationQueryData, function $callback): customer.manager


addParameter(string $keyPath, mixed $value): customer.manager

addParameter('name', 'Praha'); // Adds parameter. The parameter can be nested arbitrarily

addParameter(string $keyPath): customer.manager

removeparameter('name'); // Removed parameter

setCustomerHash(string|null $hash): customer.manager

setCustomerHash('12345'); // Changes customer hash


  • Object: apicart.customer.api

The API takes care of every interaction related to the customer API such as sending a request.


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  • Object:


These events are triggered for example when clicking on an element or when some element content changes.

Data attribute name => event => value

  • data-apicart-customer-add-parameter => change => keyPath: When the content or value of the element with this attribute changes, the specified parameter will be added into the customer object
  • data-apicart-customer-remove-parameter => click => keyPath: When clicking on element with this attribute, the specified parameter will be removed from the customer object
<input data-apicart-customer-add-parameter="name">
<button data-apicart-customer-remove-parameter="name">Remove parameter</button>

Event Dispatcher

These events are triggered via Event Dispatcher. Learn more in the documentation.

Event name => passed, parameters

  • HASH_CHANGED => hash: Triggered when the customer hash changes (for example after login).
  • PARAMETER_ADDED => keyPath, value: Triggered when some parameter is added into the cart.
  • PARAMETER_REMOVED => keyPath: Triggered when some parameter is removed from the cart.
  • MERGED => cart: Triggered when two carts are merged. For example after login.
  • SYNCHRONIZED => cart: Triggered when the cart synchronization finishes.
  • UPDATED => cart: Triggered on every cart change.